Friday, August 26, 2005

Theme Photos on Hiatus

Hi, due to Summer schedules and members moving across the country, we are going to take a month off. We are also extending the voting time to mid Sept. because, frankly, I haven't had time to organize myself. :)

Some of the exciting things going on this Summer:

Julie is moving to Portland and Meredith is moving to Seattle. Bye Bye NYC hustle bustle, watermain breaks, sweaty armpits in the subways. Hello fresh air!

Also, Alana has said good-bye to her job of the past (what 4?) years to man her own dept. Whoo hoo! A big and great career move for her. In addition, she is breaking new records of being the most requested bridesmaid - I've lost count of the wedding's she's in.

Becky's throwing her first big housewarming party in her new cool digs in b'lyn with the rooftop paradise - what a treat for Ella and gang.

As for Paula, I think she's in trauma at losing her buddy Meredith, and Linda's preparing for a conference that she's been working late at and traveling to for a week.

That's my way of explaining... no new photos for a month or so. But please feel free to scroll down and enjoy the archives.

The themephotos gang.

Monday, August 08, 2005

July Theme Stacks

Welcome to our theme of the month
We rely on YOU to give us your votes, opinions and comments.
Please click 'comments' below the photos you want to vote or comment on to let us know your thoughts.
1) Best Overall 2) Best Composition 3) Best Use of Theme

Come back and visit us after we tabulate the vote. We will release the photographer's comments; why they chose the shot, particular difficulties, photographic tips, etc.

Voting ends Thursday, August 19th.

all photos rights of the photographer

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Vine Lover

vine lover

Seein' Green

seein' green?

NYC blah blah blah




Smoke Stacks

City Smoke

Rockin' Out

rockin out

The Colors

The Colors…

Beads & Baubles


Friday, August 05, 2005

Stacka Pitas


End of July Photos

Thanks for viewing and for your votes. If you're interested in seeing more, please scroll down for last month's. You can also check out the archives for earlier themes.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

June Photo Theme: Do You See What I See?

Photographers' interpretation - seeing differently. Maybe it is a situation or object that's particularly awkward, exceptionally beautiful... or a portion of an everyday scene plucked out so that it appears different from what you'd normally notice it for ... or something so ordinary it becomes extraordinary -- or anything in between. What did we spy with our little eyes?

Voting is closed. See below for the winners and photographer's comments.

all photos rights of the photographer

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Best Overall
First Place
: Skymiles

Linda Tse Correia
Nikon D70, Exposure:(1/2000), f/13,18 mm

What I saw as I was commuting down to DC; shot out of the window using circular polarizing filter.

Second Place Man, oh man

Linda Tse Correia
Nikon D70, Exposure: (1/200), f/11, 70 mm
Man oh Man
After going to the BBQ Block Party with Meredith & family, I waddled past this man (?) in the west village and did a sereptitious hip shot of him.

Third PlaceUnpopular

Alana S. Glubo
Nikon N80

On my walk home from work I looked down and saw this piece of trash. I read "popular" and moved another few feet before I turned back. I felt that it really fit the theme and had such an air of irony. I was very happy with the photo when developed and loved the way the black and white captured it.


Linda Tse Correia
Nikon D70, Exposure: (1/60), f/6.3, 38 mm


What I Saw was the beauty and symmetry in nature while I was waiting for everyone to wake up during our wine tasting - camping trip.


Meredith Letts
Canon T50


Harry Winston diamonds beautifully displayed.


Meredith Letts
Canon T50


So did they just build the building there without taking down the sign? Or why would you put half the sign where no one can read it without having some piece of actual information left out to be seen - that gives some sort of clue as to what the heck this is about?!?!?

Most Heebie-Jeebies! Little Jaws

Julie Byun
Nikon E950
little jaws

This shot was taken at a Korean fish market. These dried fish are about 8 inches long but they have alot of personality.

Multicultural Parade

Rebecca Lloyd
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P200, 7.2 mp

Multicultural Parade

This is a moment from a Prospect Heights elementary school's
Parade". What a great celebration of ethnicity and the unique
individuals involved:
they really do "see" each other.

Friday, June 24, 2005


Meredith Letts
Canon T50


If you want to live in Manhattan, and you want to build an actual house, there is only one place to build. On top of another building. LOL

No. 2

Paula Azevedo

4.0 mxl Canon G3

No. 2

A sea lion's fin.

Police Line

Rebecca Lloyd

Police Line

This teen joined kids and adults making street chalk drawings during the Museum Mile Festival. I see a humorous reversal of this scenario: innocent artist turned graffiti artist, with police force endorsement shifting to police giving chase!


Paula Azevedo

4.0 mxl Canon G3, Macro

No. 1


8 Fingers

Julie Byun

8 fingers

I'm not sure if these octopi would be considered beautiful but it's not something you often see at the local grocery store. I took this shot at a Korean fish market in Queens.

Oh, Grate!

Alana S. Glubo

Nikon N80

While walking back from lunch, I thought about what I would get if I shot down into the grate. I was not all that impressed, but did like the strong contrast between the metal and all below that blurred into the background. I liked that the piece of concrete caught in it looked like a kitten curled up.


Paula Azevedo

4.0 mxl Canon G3, Macro

No. 3


Julie Byun


I think all Thai restaurants, stores and homes have little shrines with photos of ancestors, Buddha and the King. In this restaurant, they decided to also include "the king of rock n' roll."

Concrete Jungle

Alana S. Glubo


This photo was taken near my bus stop. I walked by it one night on my way back from class and had to laugh at the sad little weed fighting it's way through the concrete and brick. I brought my camera out the next morning to capture it. I wished that i had color film in, but actually really liked the look of it in black and white.

Italian Sausage

Rebecca Lloyd

Italian Sausage

These food vendors look like any you've seen in a hundred street fairs. But I see this family duo, their cart, sizzling food and big attitude as a bit of Brooklyn itself.